Current stock

*** Because of the commission charged, We can offer a 6% discount on Ebay prices if you order direct. Contact us using the email shown on the Contact page.

Please note: All wheels come with QR skewers if applicable and if the hub manufacturer includes them (Novatec, Miche and Shimano do supply QRs while Hope, DT Swiss and Bitex don’t).

Basic rim tape for tubed use is fitted to all wheels unless tubeless rim tape has been specified as an option.

Tyres available from stock:
Schwalbe Pro One 23mm and 28mm – 1 left of each 
Schwalbe One Tubeless Easy in 25mm width
Schwalbe G1 Speed 3omm and 35mm road/gravel tubeless – 1 of each left.
Hutchinson Challenger TLR 28mm – new 2024 stock
Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season 25mm tubeless winter tyres (2023 11Storm compound)
Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance 25mm, 28mm and 30mm tubeless road/race/sportive (2023 11Storm compound) – last few left
Hutchinson Overide (Road/Gravel tyres) 35mm, 38mm and 50mm (1 pair only)
Hutchinson Touareg gravel 50mm (1 pair only)
Goodyear Eagle F1 30mm tubeless performance road/race/sportive
Goodyear  Vector 4 Seasons 25mm tubeless tubeless winter tyres – 1 only
Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR all-round road tyres in 28mm and 32mm widths – fresh 2024 supplies just arrived
Vittoria Rubino ProIV TLR in 25mm, 28mm and 30mm widths – new 2024 stock

Stock news:

March 2024

Some Stans rims are in short supply as the importer changes from Raleigh (who have closed their parts supply operation) to Upgrade Bikes. We have most of the range in stock but there are a couple of gaps.

Additional supplies of the popular range of carbon gravel bike rims are due to arrive from Carbonal any day. Nice and light with a choice of 22mm, 24mm or 29mm internal widths.

Nukeproof Neutron 650b and 29er rims have arrived from the CFC/Wiggle administrator along with some Nukeproof Dolos 26″ rims. The look rather better quality than we were expecting.

October 2023

Hutchinson Challenger 28mm TLR tyres have arrived.  The latest long life (10,000km claimed), highly puncture resistant tubeless tyres at a sensible cost. £49 each but cost per mile should be miniscule if they last as long as promised. No punctures reported so far (21.11.23).

Rim brake carbon and alloy wheels selling well. New stock of 38mm deep rims has nearly gone (4 pairs left at 4/10/23).

August 2023

We are making more rim brake road bike wheels than we have for quite a while. I think this is due to the major mass-producers having put all their resources into disc brake wheels and supply is becoming limited to cheap low end stuff. There are still a lot of rim brake bikes in use in the UK – our local club runs are generally around 50/50 rim/disc brake.

However, we are not immune to the changes at a global level.

Production of rim brake carbon rims will be ending when the current supply of the special resin we use runs out. The cost of the resin has risen massively and combined with the labour intensive manufacturing process, it has become uneconomic to continue production. Following our discussions at Eurobike with the Carbonal technicians, it looks like this will be at the end of 2023 or early 2024. We have a batch of 38mm deep and 50mm deep rims currently in production and we will have enough material for a few more after this but then that will be it.

If you think you may want some rim brake carbon wheels, get in touch soon. Alloy rims should be available for a while but I can’t see production of decent quality alloy rims continuing for long without the demand from the big bike brands.

May 2023

Supplies of wheel components are pretty much back to normal now. We received the new batch of rim brake 50mm deep carbon rims from Carbonal in April for traditional road bikes along with some new DT Swiss alloy rims.

February 2023

Stans Mk4 MTB/gravel rims in various types and sizes. The Stans Crest Mk4 24″ version is proving very popular and we have nearly sold out of our lightweight 24 spoke MTB wheels for younger riders. 26″, 650b and 29er version also available but with 32 spokes to suit older youth or adult riders.

Large delivery of disc brake hubs from Novatec. Both centrelock and 6 bolt design in standard and Boost widths. The latest 12x110mm Road Boost standard is now available with Novatec or Hope hubs. Also Campag N3W freehubs for the Ekar 13 speed cassette available on certain Novatec hub models.

Small batch of 40mm deep carbon gravel rims with a 29mm internal width to suit the trend for ever wider tyres. (More are due to arrive in March along with a batch of rim brake road bike carbon rims).

The new Hope Pro5 hubs are due to start arriving next month (March).  In the meantime, we have stocks of the excellent Hope Pro4 hubs available.

December 2022

Range of disc brake carbon rims with 24mm internal width. 29mm internal width rims due for delivery end of Dec/early Jan.

Alloy MTB/gravel and road rims from DT Swiss and some DT Swiss 350 hubs for disc and rim brake use.

Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR tubeless winter road tyres

July 2022

Carbon rims designed for disc brake E-road/gravel/hybrid use have arrived in a variety of rim widths and rim depths.  Good stocks of black Sapim CX Ray spokes and a top up order of hubs and hub spares from Novatec have also been delivered.

As there seems to have been a shortage, we now also stock disc rotors, centrelock conversion kits and brake pads for Shimano flat mount calipers. Disc rotors are centrelock or 6 bolt from A2Z and the brake pads are A2Z or SwissStop Disc 34 Endurance or high performance Disc 34 RS at different price points.

May 2022

Hope seem to be back to their pre-pandemic level of service with hubs now arriving in 2-3 days. DT Swiss rim availability has also improved although DT Swiss hubs are still a bit patchy.

Sapim are also catching up with spokes orders and we are expecting a big delivery of black CX Ray aero spokes in May Wk3.

March 2022

Carbonal disc brake carbon rims for road and gravel use in depths from 28mm to 60mm. Internal widths from 18mm to 24mm. Rim brake carbon rims in 50mm depth with 18mm and 21mm internal widths.

New stock of DT Swiss EX511 and EX471 29er MTB rims (but going fast)

Hope RS4 and Pro4 black hubs are in stock. Waiting time for coloured hubs and less common specs is now down to 2 weeks (from 7 weeks) as their staff levels get back closer to normal.

We now have some Sapim CX Ray straight pull aero spokes in stock for wheel rebuilds/repairs. Last year we invested in Phil Wood spoke cutting and threading machine, so these are produced to the correct size from blank CX Ray spokes supplied by Sapim.

January 2022

DT Swiss R460, RR511 rim brake rims for winter wheels and heavier riders. DT Swiss EX471, XM481, EX511 MTB rims for trail and Enduro use.

The Carbonal rims arrived and 50-60% have already been used. More are on their way from the factory and are due to arrive late January.

September 2021

Miche Primato hubs back in stock.

Stans Arch Mk4 29er rims now in stock but going fast.

Large delivery of carbon rims for most purposes due from Carbonal around 16th September.

August 2021

The brand new Stans Mk4 rims have started to arrive. We have just received stocks of Crest Mk4 29er and Flow Mk4 29er rims with Arch Mk4 rims due in October. All are wider than previously and have an offset spoke design which adds to the stiffness of the rim. Weight has gone up by a few grams which reflects the extra material needed for wider rims but also the increased technicality of MTB XC race and Enduro disciplines. Around 10% more expensive than the Mk3 series.

DT Swiss 350 road (non-disc) hubs. Our normal Miche Primato ‘everyday’ hub is not available at the moment and stocks have run low so we have taken on DT Swiss 350s as a replacement. These are slightly lighter than Miche and feature the superb DT Swiss double ratchet freehub mechanism but cost £85/pair more.

July 2021

After running low on rims due to transport delays, we have finally received decent stocks of Carbonal carbon rims.

Road 25mm wide rim brake rims in 30mm, 38mm and 50mm depths (and a pair of 60/88mm TT rims)

Road disc brake rims in 30mm, 38mm and 50mm depths. The 30mm rims are 25mm wide, 38mm rims can be 25mm, 28mm or 30mm wide and the 50mm rims 28mm or 30mm wide.

29er MTB rims in 32mm XC Race or Trail, 37mm Trail or Enduro and 42mm Trail or Enduro. The Enduro rims are the strongest and have a thicker carbon layup and XC rims are the lightest with the thinnest carbon layup.

Bitex hubs. Good stocks of rim brake road, centrelock disc road and MTB hubs.

Stans Mk3 alloy rims went out of production a few months ago and, as stocks are used up, we won’t be able to get any more. We have 29er Arch Mk3 in stock along with 650b/27.5″ Crest Mk3 and Flow Mk3 rims. A couple of 650b/27.5 Crest wheelsets for XC or 650b gravel bikes remain.

The new design Stans Mk4 alloy rims will start arriving in the latter part of the year.

January 2021

Large delivery of carbon rims for our full range arrived at the end of December. Disc brake road and Gravel rims are going fast with MTB rims not far behind.

Disc brake E-Bike rated Boost hubs from Novatec along with our normal hub/spares order. Novatec D462 E-Bike freehub upgrades (Shimano 12s only).

Stans factory built wheels at nice prices. Mostly Crest Mk3 lightweight XC MTB / Gravel bike. The 650b Crest Mk3 wheels are an excellent lightweight upgrade for gravel bike riders wishing to use wider tyres without splashing out on carbon rims. Plenty of options for handbuilt versions of these as well.

Fresh stock of DT Swiss 240s, Bitex, Hope and ERASE hubs.

Kinlin TL23 rims for gravel/CX and MTB use with tyres 33mm or wider. Kinlin 5ALM 27″ silver rims for the pre 1980 classic bikes which use this unusual rim size. Kinlin XR300 650c rims for junior or small ladies road bikes.

July 2020

Consignment of rim brake and disc brake carbon rims from Carbonal. More on the way and more being manufactured.

Stans Grail CB7 gravel and Stans Crest CB7 MTB carbon rims. The 28h Grail rims are stunningly light at 295g on our scales (the alloy Grail is 460g) and are designed to give a compliant ride. The Crest CB7 rims are around 330g and are designed to have the same charactaristics. These rims are quite pricey but can build into some very lively wheels! See the Notubes website for more technical in info on the CB7 rims.

Stans Flow EX3 29er and 650b MTB rims. These are designed for World Cup downhill racing and are also tough enough for E-MTB wheel upgrades.

Shimano 12 speed Microspline hubs. Shimano 12 speed cassettes are becoming more popular as they filter down to more reasonable prices. They all need a Microspline freehub though and not all manufacturers are producing these. The current range we can offer is Shimano MT500 135QR and 141QR, Shimano XT8110 142mm thru and 148mm Boost thru, Hope Pro 4 in any combination, ERASE in 142mm thru or 148 Boost thru and Bitex BX211 or BX212 148mm Boost thru only.

141mm Boost QR hubs. This is a curious rear hub standard which has appeared on a number of mid-market MTBs. There is very little choice if you want or need to replace your wheels. We have found a way to convert a Hope Pro 4 rear hub to 141mm QR to suit any freehub type and can supply Shimano 141mm QR rear hubs in 12s Microspline only. Both of these currently have a 2-3 week lead time.

March 2020

ERASE centrelock disc, MTB 6 bolt Boost and standard disc hubs. Microspline 12 speed and SRAM XDR freehubs are all available to order now. Some variations are in stock and others made to order.

New stock of Carbonal carbon rims has arrived in the UK and is awaiting import/customs processing at Coventry.

December 2019

First delivery of ERASE hubs in road and 6 bolt disc form (centrelock available from mid Jan 2020). These appear to be a superb product. Very simple, light and made from ultra high quality materials. No tools needed to service – simply pull apart by hand. No little pawls or springs to lose.  The freehub mechanism works on the same ratchet principle used by DT Swiss for their 240s but with less moving parts and no special tools needed. Cost at the moment is £100 front and £200 rear for disc or rim, any axle size  and freehub type. (Shimano Microspline from Jan 2020).

November 2019

We have just received a large delivery of Stans 29er/700c  factory built wheels. They retail at £520, the big online retailers are selling them at £400-£475 and due to the good rate we got for buying in bulk, we can offer these for £365 inc delivery. All have the latest Stans Neo thru axle hubs, black Sapim spokes, black Sapim nipples and tubeless tape/valves fitted. Choice of std hubs with 15×100/12×142 axles or Boost 15×110/12×148 hubs. Rims are a choice of Crest Mk3, Arch Mk3 or Flow Mk3. Also in our Ebay shop at £395.

October 2019

Fresh stocks of carbon rims from Carbonal and hubs from Novatec.

SRAM 12 speed AXS XDR freehubs to fit many Novatec rear hubs. Novatec have also got the licence to make freehubs to take the 12 speed Shimano Microspline cassettes and these will be available to purchase in January 2020.

New trade deal with Tune in Germany for the supply of their ultra light hubs. Durable enough to use on an everyday basis but not cheap. 10-14 day delivery time as each hub is made to order (and to a UK specific spec not available from other suppliers).

ERASE hubs from Belgium. Light (but not as light as Tune) and very durable at a price around 25% more than Hope.  Freehub is machined out of solid titanium and has a similar ratchet mechanism to the everlasting DT Swiss 240s

August 2019

DT Swiss 240s Boost centrelock hubs with the new 12 speed Shimano Microspline freehub for MTBs. These don’t seem to be available directly in the UK so we have imported a small quantity direct from Switzerland. Shimano XTR9111B and 901B 12 speed Microspline hubs are also available with a 10-14 day delivery time.

Ambrosio P20 alloy road bike tubeless rims in black or polished silver. We have matched these up with Miche Primato hubs and Sapim Race double butted spokes to produce ‘all European’ wheelsets in a variety of spoke counts.

Carbonal extra wide 38mm and 50mm deep carbon clincher disc road rims now in stock. For 28mm or wider tyres.

Carbonal 50mm deep disc brake tubular rims (as used by the pros in the 2019 TdF). Light and stiff.

Novatec uprated steel QR axles for D772, D792 and D882 disc hubs. Recommended for heavier riders.

Extra strong 30mm deep rims road rims for heavier riders wanting a low spoke count. With Miche Primato hubs and Sapim spokes, a 20/24 spoke pair is fine for riders up to around 100kg.

May 2019

Since the last update we have had high demand for carbon wheels of all types with rims by Carbonal. We now have decent stocks of road, gravel and MTB carbon rims but not all depths in all drillings. A new range of extra wide clincher road rims is in production with delivery expected mid June. These are 28mm wide at the bead (21mm internal) and designed to match the current trend for ever wider road tyres. They will suit tyre widths from 28mm upwards. Disc brake only and tubeless compatible.

Hutchinson Overide tubeless tyres for gravel/CX bikes in 35mm and 38mm widths. These are fast rolling with a lightly treaded centre section for minimum road resistance and more defined tread on the shoulders for off road use.

January 2019

Goodyear Eagle All-Season tubeless tyres in a variety of sizes. These are a premium choice and promise to have similar performance to the Schwalbe Pro 1 but with a longer mileage life.

Increased range of Hutchinson Fusion 5 tubeless tyres. Proving very popular as a winter tyre with good grip and decent mileage at a reasonable cost.

Schwalbe Pro 1 30mm width. These should be excellent for performance with comfort even better than regular 25mm width.

Increased range of conversion parts and spares for Novatec disc hubs, including the new D791/D792 range and centrelock versions.

November 2018

30mm deep Carbonal carbon rims in disc and rim brake clincher along with disc and rim brake tubulars. The disc tubulars sold out quickly to cyclocross competitors and new stock is arriving soon.

Also another re-stock of the sold out Carbonal 29mm gravel rim which is proving very popular for road, gravel and cyclocross applications.

Bitex BX106 centrelock disc hubs in 24h and 28h. These are cheaper than Hope RS4 and have a slightly higher standard of bearing then Novatec. Price is about 30% more than Novatec but 50% less than Hope. Weight is about the same for all.

Novatec AS511/AS522 straight pull hubs along with Pillar PSR Xtra 1422 black bladed spokes specifically for use with our 50mm deep carbon road rims. 20/24 spoke only at present.

August 2018

New high temperature rim brake 38mm deep clincher rims from Carbonal to the same spec as our very popular 50mm deep rims (which we also have new stocks of).

Also, re-stocks of Carbonal 29mm wide gravel/road bike disc rims.

July 2018

Carbonal 30mm deep carbon rims for road and CX use in rim brake, clincher, disc brake clincher and disc brake tubular forms. The rim brake version has the latest 255 degree brake track of our 50mm depth rims and is good looking and light (down to 1320g/pair). The disc brake tubular is extremely light and can build into a disc brake pair of wheels under 1200g.
Carbonal gravel bike rims with asymmetric spokes in 700c and a wider 650b version for the current trend in wider tyres. The 650b wheels weigh around 1350g in 24/24 spoke form. The asymmetric spoke bed makes a 24 spoke carbon wheel as strong as a conventional 32 spoke alloy one.
Carbonal 29er MTB rims for XC and trail use. The XC rims are extremely light and the trail version is beefed up for rougher use (but still very light). 28 spokes with the strengthening asymmetric spoke pattern.
Bitex hubs now in stock for 20/24 spoke road builds and Boost MTB wheels. The road hubs are 50g/pr lighter than our standard Novatec hubs but £30 more expensive. The Bitex Boost hubs are 110g/pr lighter and £40 more expensive than the latest Novatec Boost hubs.
Novatec D641/D642 and D791/D462 Boost hubs. The Novatec range of Boost hubs has been completely revamped and beefed up for the demands of technical trail riding and enduro racing. Consequently they are heavier than before but stronger.
We have a good number of Shimano M6000 32h and 36h centrelock hubs for QR disc wheels along with some cheaper alloy 26″ and 650b rims for recreational MTB riding.
Jan 2018

We can now offer Hutchinson Fusion tubeless road and gravel tyres. The Fusion 5 All Season is slightly cheaper and much tougher than the Schwalbe Pro 1 but not quite as fast. These are excellent winter/endurance event tyres. There are also good tubeless gravel and lighter road tyres in the range.

We have a new supplier of DT Swiss 240s hubs and Bitex hubs. DT Swiss 240s are top quality but quite expensive. Typically £240/pair more than Novatec. They can be virtually considered ‘hubs for life’ and can be reused when a wheel wears out. Bitex hubs are one of the 4 big Taiwan producers (Novatec is another). Priced slightly higher than Novatec but come with higher spec bearings as standard.

New Kinlin XR26RTS and XR31RTS disc specific rims have arrived in 26mm and 31mm depths along with the new XR26R/RT 26mm deep rim brake rim. These are decent quality but mid-priced and will build into nice looking and strong wheels. The disc rims and rear wheel rims have an offset spoke pattern which builds a stiffer wheel and the loading on the spokes is more even.

Nov/Dec 2017

Novatec D791 and D792 disc hubs are gradually replacing the discontinued D771/D772 model. These are a very similar in design and weight but the front end caps are not all interchangeable. We have some in 24h at the moment but eventually these will become our standard disc hub.
Carbonal deeper section rims for TT and road use in 60mm 20h and 88mm 24h depths. All 25mm wide and tubeless compatible. Tubular versions now in.
Powertap/DT Swiss R460 wheels with power meter rear hub for winter training and general road use now only £490/pair inc delivery.
Stans Crest Mk3 24″ rims. We have imported a batch of these rims in 24h, 28h and 32h to satisfy the demand for lightweight XC racing wheels for junior riders.
October 2017
Carbonal 50mm deep x 25mm wide carbon clincher tubeless rims in 20h, 24h and 28h drillings.  These have been specially commissioned by us and feature a brand new brake track finish resistant to 255 degrees C. Our standard rims are resistant to 210 degrees C (which is plenty for race use but can be exceeded by heavier recreational riders who ‘comfort brake’). Commonly available ‘far east’ carbon rims are only resistant to around 180 degrees C.
New brake track finish

New brake track finish

We have also specified an offset spoke bed by 2.5mm on the rear rim which helps to even up the spoke tension between drive and non-drive.  With wider 11s cassettes now very popular, these will build into stronger wheels. The idea has been very successful with MTB rims which can now have 12 speed cassettes fitted.
Offset spoke holes for rear wheel

Offset spoke holes for rear wheel

September 2017
Powertap/DT Swiss wheels at a bargain price coming soon. A complete pair of wheels for less than the cost of the rear hub alone! See our Ebay shop for details and don’t forget that there is a discount for a direct purchase.
Powertap/DT Swiss R460 wheels

Powertap/DT Swiss R460 wheels

 Mavic Open Pro UST rims in 24h, 28h and 32h. Wider, stiffer, slightly lighter and tubeless ready. Mavic recommend their own tyres from 28mm to 42mm wide but we think most tyres from 25mm to 38mm will fit well. The rim tolerances are tight and will need the use of a thin rim tape (such as Orange Seal tubeless tape)
Mavic Open Pro UST wheels
Iron Cross cyclocross rims have been unexpectedly discontinued by Stans. We have bought much of the remaining stock of rims and factory built wheels. In our experience these lightweight rims are some of the best for cyclocross tyres used tubeless. Once our stock is used, there won’t be any more
In light of the above, we will be stocking the excellent value Alex CXD4 built wheels for tubeless CX (and road) use for £320 and 1550g/pair.
Alex CXD 4 CX/Road wheels

Alex CXD 4 CX/Road wheels

July 2017
The brand new Velocity Quill rim has finally arrived. These are high quality rims for rim brake use. 24.5mm wide with a generous 21mm internal width. Tubeless ready if required and much stiffer than the Velocity A23 (the rim which kick-started the wider road rim revolution). We have stocks in 20h and 24h.
Ryde DP Comp Disc rims. These join the road/gravel/CX disc brake rim list alongside the Stans Grail, Velocity Aileron and H plus Son Hydra but at a lower price. Dimensions and weight are similar to the others. Tubeless ready.
The Novatec XD611/XD612 centrelock hubs in 24h and 28h drillings are on their way from the factory at last. These will be available in QR, 12mm and 15mm thru axle formats with a choice of Shimano/SRAM 11s road, Campag 11 or SRAM XD freehub.
At the other end of the cycling spectrum, Velocity Chukker superstrong rims available for touring or heavier riders in both disc and rim brake format.
June 2017
Kinlin XR31T and Kinlin XR22T rims.  These are the new wider and tubeless ready designs from one of the world’s largest rim manufacturer. Both are 24mm wide and can use tubed or tubeless tyres from 23mm to 35mm (and CX tyres). The 31 and 22 refer to the rim depth. These rims are plain black in colour and excellent value. They appear under different names with many ‘brand’ stickers attached at higher prices.
Stans Grail and Crest Mk3 29er rims back in stock after Stans were overwhelmed by the demand earlier this year.
May 2017
Stans Grail Comp and Stans Iron Cross Comp factory built wheelsets in stock at £370/pair. These are excellent value and retail at £520. The Grail set is very strong and rated for riders up to 110kg. For disc brake Road and CX use.
The Iron Cross lighter and is specifically designed for CX use.
The wheels comes with Stans latest Neo hubs and a choice of QR, 12mm or 15mm front and QR or 12×142 rear. Both are ready fitted with tubeless rim tape and are supplied with tubeless valves.
April 2017
Rim delivery from Carbonal. Tubeless compatible road bike rims in 50mm and 38mm depths x 25mm wide for rim and disc brake bikes. Available in 20h, 24h and 28h drillings.
New stock of Swisstop Black Prince brake pads. Exchange rate changes has meant a small price rise at £29 for a set of 4 pads.
March 2107
Centrelock hubs from Novatec. The D711SB-CL and D712SB-CL are available in small numbers in 24h/24h and 32h/32h. Prices are £15/pair more than the 6 bolt versions but £90 less than a set of Hope RS4 hubs.
We hope to have some 28h versions soon, but Novatec haven’t given a date for when these will be ready.
February 2017
Archetype, TB14 and SL42 rims from H plus Son. Aileron and Dyad rims from Velocity.
Novatec Boost width hubs now in stock. Hope RS4 centrelock disc brake hubs in 24h, 28h and 32h.
New stock of tubeless rim and disc brake carbon rims from Carbonal are due in March.
December 2016
50mm deep x 25mm wide disc specific carbon rims from Carbonal in 24h and 28h drillings. Novatec 20h front disc hubs for lightweight and junior riders. Novatec Boost width disc hubs arriving end of Dec. Special offers on some factory built Stans Crest and Grail wheelsets.
November 2016.
Novatec hub end caps to suit the new 12mm thru axle standard becoming common on disc brake road/CX forks. Also 9mm/10mm thru axles and end caps to fit Novatec disc hubs to convert QR bikes to a bolt thru system. 
Carbonal 38mm deep x 25mm wide disc specific carbon rims  – both clincher and tubular available in 24h and 28h drillings. These have a 2.5mm offset spoke line which builds into disc wheels with a more even spoke tension. Clincher version is tubeless compatible
Also Carbonal GCX28 gravel/CX 29mm wide carbon clincher, tubeless compatible carbon rims.
Re-stocks of  H plus Son Hydra disc specific and Archeype alloy rims. 
August 2016.
New stock of 50mm depth x 25mm wide carbon clincher and superlight 20mm depth x 23mm wide carbon tubulars have arrived from Carbonal. Also in the delivery are some 650b 35mm wide carbon MTB rims for enduro racing.
The new Mk3 versions of Stans Crest, Arch and Flow rims are now in stock in 29er and 650b sizes with 26″ versions of the Crest and Flow. Prices are around £15/pair more than the outgoing designs. We still have some stocks of the older rims which we are offering at a discount.
July 2016.
We are currently sold out of 50mm depth carbon clincher rims but have a new batch being manufactured at the moment. Due here early August.
Carbonal 50mm tubulars and 38mm clinchers and tubulars are still available but we don’t have that many left in stock.
New road/CX disc brake rim from H plus Son – The Hydra – has arrived in 28h and 32h drillings. These are disc brake specific and similar to Stans Grail/Velocity Aileron rims but a bit lighter. Rim dimensions, performance and cost are all very similar.
April 2016.
The new batch of Carbonal carbon rims have arrived in the UK. We are currently waiting for customs to release them for delivery to us.
Nearly all the ‘V’ shaped carbon rims mentioned last month have sold – just one pair of 38mm depth clinchers left.
Swisstop Black Prince brake pads now in stock for
Shimano/SRAM or Campag.  These are undeniably expensive for some lumps of rubber but they give probably the best braking and least rim wear of any carbon rim pad.
Mavic have been having a clearout. We have bought a good number of 26″ XM119 and 29er TN119 rims to build into economic but still decent MTB wheels. Examples will appear on Ebay soon priced at around £135 to £145 per pair.
March 2016.
9mm front axle kits for Hope Pro 4 front hubs. This size is becoming more common as disc brake road bike manufacturers try to stiffen up their forks under braking without using the chunkier 15mm MTB axles.
We have reduced the cost of 38mm and 50mm depth ‘V’ shaped Carbonal clincher wheels to under £400 to encourage road bike riders who fancy trying carbon wheels but don’t want to spend £500+ on a set. This has been achieved by using Sapim Race spokes rather then CX Rays. Because the spoke count is only 20/24 the weight gain is under 100g.
We have sold out of Carbonal ‘U’ shaped clincher rims for the moment. More should be arriving towards the end of April. 
Dealerwise, we are now agents for Swisstop brake pads and will be offering their excellent Black Prince pads at a good price to carbon wheel buyers. 
From the same source, Enduro bearings. These are the only ‘cycling specific’ bearings that we know of. Speaking to their European engineer, Enduro buy the bearings from a good manufacturer (the same one used by Novatec, we understand) and then modify them with improved seals and higher spec grease to make them more suitable for bike use. This extra work comes at a price though.Their ABEC 3 range are £4-8 each, higher spec ABEC 5 £8-12 each, ceramic hybrid £20-35 each and full ceramic £30-60 each (ouch!) 
February 2016.
Hope Pro 4 disc brake hubs. We are now official Hope dealers and will be keeping black 32h and 28h Pro 4 hubs in stock. Hope can supply any of the many colours and axle types and width formats to us withing 48hrs. Cost of a Pro 4 hub set is around £105 more than comparable Novatecs.
The first stock of the new Schwalbe Pro 1 road tubeless tyres. These are lighter than the previous generation and lab tests have shown them to have the lowest rolling resistance of any tyre.
Stans Race Gold 29er extralight race wheels – as used for many XC World Cup and Olympic medals. We have bought the remaining stock from the Euro importer and can supply in QR/15mm/Lefty front and QR or 12 x 142 rear formats. The normal price is £750 but we have these on offer for £465 inc delivery (or £492 via Ebay).
Re-stocks of Carbonal Gravel/CX rims, 38mm clincher rims and 20mm tubular rims.
January 2016.
New batch of Carbonal carbon rims have been delivered. New stocks of 50mm and 38mm depth rims with a new addition to our stock list of a very light (250g) 20mm depth x 23mm width rim for road and CX. These build into sub 1100g 20/24 spoke wheels but with a 75kg rider weight limit (85kg for the 24/28 spoke version).
The 20mm tubulars have proved instantly popular and we have further stocks on order.
Also new from Carbonal are 28mm wide clincher rims for Gravel bikes. These look like they would be pretty handy for CX as well. Tubeless compatible and in 24/24 or 28/28 spoke disc builds.
December 2015.
Another loss – Stans Alpha 340 and Alpha 400 rims are no longer being made. We have bought some of the remaining stock but when these have gone, there won’t be any more.
Better news. We have increased our range of Stans MTB rims and can now offer Stans Flow and Crestin 650b/27.5″ size and Stans Hugo 29er+ wheels
November 2015.
Not a new arrival but a loss. The superlight Ryde Pulse Disc rim has gone out of production and we have now sold out of these rims. There is a replacement planned for release in 2016 but it will be around 60g/rim heavier (but usefully wider).
October 2015. We have expanded our range of Novatec D771/D772 disc hubs and now have these in 24h and 28h pairs as well as our 32h sets. All can be configured for either QR or 15mm front and QR or 12 x 142 rear. There is also the option of a steel QR axle for heavier riders.

August 2015. Big delivery of Novatec road and MTB hubs. Superlight A291SB/SL front hub now available again in 20h and 24h drilling. Also steel axles for F172/F162 road hubs and D772/D882 disc hubs to increase strength for heavier riders. 

June 2015. Stocks of carbon rims have arrived. Apart from our usual range we are the first to receive some of the new Carbonal ‘Superlight’ range. These are produced from Toray T800 carbon (T700 is the normal material) which is stronger and so less can be used. Unfortunately they are a bit more expensive as well!

We have these 20h/24h 50mm depth rims with a ‘U’ shaped profile  – 25mm wide at the rim and 28mm wide at the mid point in both tubular and clincher versions.

Also new in from Carbonal are some 30mm wide 29er and 650b MTB rims for wider tyres and tougher use. These are the latest ‘hookless’ design.

650c rims for TT riders and junior road racers.

650c Carbonal carbon. 20h/24h, 50mm depth, 23mm wide and available in clincher or tubular pairs.

650c Mavic Open Pro 32h black alloy.

28th April 2015. New stock of the popular 38mm depth Carbonal carbon clincher rims and new models of carbon MTB and road race rims are on their way!
27th April 2015. Re-stocks of lightweight Kinlin XR200 and XR300 road rims. Also we have found some 650c Mavic Open Pro rims from a supplier in Europe for junior/small racers. From the same source we have a small stock of Ambrosio Excellight 700c rims which are an excellent (and slightly lighter) alternative to the Mavic Open Pro (which we also have in stock). 
April 1 2015. New stock of Stans Crest 29er rims with the new decal designs. the rims themselves are exactly the same but the decals are a bit more subtle.
We have stocks of 26″ Stans Crest rims with the older decals available to build at a discounted rate and 26″ Stans Crest or Stans Alpine rims in white are very special prices.
March 16th 2015. Re-stock of Velocity Aileron rims in both 32h and 24h drillings. The new stock is a bit lighter than our originals and these build into stiff road disc wheels  with decent aero performance. 
Jan 22nd 2015. Shimano 11 speed Type A freehubs for Novatec 162 and 172 hubs. We can now offer 11 speed builds for 28, 32 and 36 spoke rim brake wheels in addition to the 24 spoke ones currently used.

Re-stocks of Kinlin XR300, XR270 and XC279 rims for economical and lightweight road wheels.

December 2014. Velocity Aileron 32h disc brake rims arrive. Very similar to Stans Grail rims (Alierons are a bit deeper section and a few grammes heavier). We have built a pair to test with the new 28mm wide Schwalbe One tubeless tyres.

Replacement stock of Stans Grail rims which are selling fast.

October 2nd 2014. Ryde Pulse Disc rims back in stock. These are the lightest disc rims which will take a high pressure road tyre that we know of. 25mm deep section but for 23mm or 25mm tyres only.

Sept 29th 2014. The brand new Stans Grail ‘all purpose’ disc brake rim in 24h and 32h drillings. These can be used with road, cyclocross or MTB tyres, either tubeless or with tubes. Rim weight is similar to Velocity A23/Mavic CXP33/H plus Son Archetype but is designed for maximum strength for both road and off road use with tyre pressures up to 125psi.

This could be an ideal choice for the current generation of do-it-all bike such as the Genesis Croix de Fer.

August 8th 2014. Stans Alpha 340 and 400 Disc rims delivered. These make a light and fast disc wheelset for road bikes when set up with tubeless tyres from 23mm -28mm.

July 28th 2014. Novatec delivery has arrived along with a good proportion of the outstanding order for spokes from Sapim

July 10th 2014. Delivery of Schwalbe One tubeless tyres in 23mm and the new 28mm size.

June 30th 2014. New range of Novatec disc hubs on their way. The latest D771SB/D772SB hubs are as light as the previous D711/D712 QR hubs but can be configured for 15mm front axle and 12 x 142 rear applications.

June 10th 2014 Delivery of Kinlin XR200 extra light rims in 24h and 28h drillings. These make a light and economical road wheel with Novatec A171/F172 hubs but are for lighter riders.

May 19th 2014. H plus Son Archetype rims in 24 and 32 hole drillings are now back in stock along with 20/24/28h H plus Son SL42 deep section alloy rims. 

April 25th. Ryde Trace Trail rims arrive. A solid and wider 29er rim for tyres over 2.1″ and rougher conditions. Lighter than Stans Flow at 485g but a few £ more. 

April 10th. Kinlins are back! After a gap of a few months we have had a delivery of Kinlin XR300 and XR270 traditional road rims and the new XC279 23mm wide and 27mm deep alloy rim. All build into a good performing and good value wheelsets.

April 7th 2014. More stocks of Ryde Trace XC mtb rim delivered in both 29er and the new 650b/27.5″ size. These are building up into stronger wheels than their weight would suggest and much stiffer than previous lightweight offering from Ryde, the MC1.

Also fresh stocks of Stans Alpha 340 and 400 road tubeless rims, Miche Primato hubs and H plus Son TB14 ‘retro’ style rims which are proving popular, 

March 7th 2014. Consignment of Stans Podium MMX 26″ MTB XC Race rims at a favourable price. Extremely light (circa 300g) and the same profile as the popular Stans Crest. If you have a 26″ wheeled bike, weigh 70kg or less and want some of the lightest wheels available, contact us for a quote. XC use only.

March 4th 2014. Ryde Trace 21XC 29er MTB rims have been delivered. 345g on our scales compared to the established lightweight champ 388g Stans Crest 29er. They have an assymetric spoke pattern designed the strengthen the wheel and are tubeless ready. 32h only. 

February 10th 2014. New (to us) range of H plus Son TB14 ‘retro’ styled clincher rims in polished silver or black. Designed to mimic the low profile alloy tubular rims used by racers from the 1960s to 1980s, these are 23mm wide, very stylish and thoroughly modern in performance. 32 or 36 spokes only. When paired with Novatec 171/172 hubs (very simple design and look like 1970s Campagnolo hubs) these build into strong and good looking wheels. 

January 4th 2014. Ryde Pulse Disc rims have arrived. Only 330g-335g on our scales which makeds them lighter than carbon clinchers. 32h only at the moment. See the News page for progress with our demo set.

January 2nd 2014. Exciting new range of rims on its way from Ryde. Alloy road disc rims as light as carbon, light and stiff clincher rims for road, CX and MTB use. More info when they arrive and we have done a bit of testing.

December 2013. 38mm deep carbon clincher rims from Carbonal. All 23mm wide for better tyre shape in response to requests from CX riders. These can be built into 20/24 spoke rim brake wheelsets or 24/24 spoke and 32/32 spoke disc wheelsets for road or CX use. 

Novatec D611SB and D612SB hubs. Very lightweight 24h disc hubs for road or CX use with carbon clinchers or tubulars.

Novatec Campag pattern freehubs to convert our lightweight ranges of hubs for Campag users

Nov 14th 2013. Carbon tubular rims now in stock in 20/24h 38mm deep and 20/24h 50mm deep versions. All are the wider 23mm models which give better aero performance and more glue/tape area to attach your tubs.
The first set made up for a customer last week weighted a wicked 1185g
We also have 23mm wide 50mm deep carbon clinchers 20/24h only.
Nov 14th 2013. The new stock of Novatec hubs arrived 2 weeks ago week direct from the manufacturer.
Models in stock include the Superlight versions of the A291 20h front and F482 24h rear road hubs,
the D711 32h and D712 32h lightweight disc QR hubs for MTB or CX use and the D882 12 x 142 disc rear suitable for many MTBs from 2011 onwards.
Also in the delivery were a variety of 32h economy hubs. For MTBs or other disc braked bikes we have the D521/D522 6 bolt disc hubs, For rim brake bikes we have the A521 front F422 130mm wide and F522 135mm wide rear hubs. These are rugged hubs with steel axles and Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10 speed steel freehubs. Consider these to be equivilent in quality to Shimano Tiagra/LX. 
September 9th 2013. New Novatec hubs still 2-3 weeks away (on the high seas somewhere!)
August 20th 2013 Now stocking Velocity Dyad tough road/CX/commuter rims and Velocity Blunt SL light MTB rims
Late May 2013. We have arranged for the supply of the increasingly popular H Plus Son and Velocity rims at a good rate. We will be stocking the H Plus Son Archetype and Velocity A23 but can order any of the other ranges as required on a 48hr service.
May 2013. Ultralight Ryde MC1 MTB alloy rims in 26″ and 650b sizes. 288g and 301g only. These are the lightest MTB rims we have seen in either alloy or carbon.
Fresh stocks of Ryde Sputniks and some Stans Alpha 340 and 400 rims.
April 2013. The Kinlin XR300s have arrived from Taiwan along with a consignment of Prolite 30mm alloy road rims. Fresh stocks of Stans Crest 29er and 26″ rims.
More Open Pros coming to keep up with demand.
Due mid -March. Consignment of 20/24 hole Kinlin XR300 clincher alloy rims. Stiff, light rims for economical performance road rims.
Feb 2013
38mm Carbon tubular rims from Carbonal.20/24 hole and only 305-310g each. 
Ryde Sputnik and Chrina rims in silver
Mavic Open Pro and Open Sport rims in silver
Jan 2013
Stans Alpha 340 road rims in 20/24 hole sizes. These are now stronger than the original 340s but have put on a bit of weight – around 406g each –  still very light for an alloy rim.  
Dec 2012.
Excellent 26″ MTB XC disc brake rims from WTB, Sun Ringle and Alex Rims. All lighter than Mavic XM117/XM119. Complete wheelsets built with Novatec GCC hubs and ACI Alpina D/B spokes for £120 -£145 delivered.
WTB All Mountain 29er rims. Nice and strong – available with Novatec GCC hubs and Sapim spokes for £160 delivered. 
Nov 2012.
Stans Iron Cross 32h cyclocross disc brake rims. Build with Novatec 881/712 hubs and Sapim D-Light spokes. 
Stans Alpha 400 road (and cyclocross) rims 20/24h. 1475g/ set when built with Novatec 291/482 hubs and Sapim CX Ray spokes. 
+ Stans Crest in 29er and 26″ sizes, Stans Flow in 29er.
+ Shimano hubs in stock:  XT 756 32/36h black, Deore 525 23/36h black, Deore LX 36h silver, Tiagra 32/36h silver, Shimano 105 32/36h black or silver. Email for a price including delivery.