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Quality handbuilt wheels for Mountain, Road and Touring bikes

Wheels are one of the main areas where manufacturers make compromises with the spec of their bikes. Often even £3000+ bikes come with heavy or low quality wheels which are chosen for their showroom appearance rather than performance.

A wheel upgrade is one of the easiest ways to improve the performance of your bike – whether this is to go faster, to go further or simply to cope with heavy loads.

Spokesman Wheels offer quality wheels, handbuilt in the traditional way but using the best of modern materials.

Ideally, I like to discuss the requirements of the customer with them personally and then recommend the most appropriate choice of rim, hub and spokes for their purposes. Each wheelset is handbuilt by me to closer tolerances than machine built wheels can normally achieve.

Delivery is usually around 6-10 days but can be longer at peak demand periods or with components that need to be ordered.

Please browse around our website and in contact by email for a quote or ring to discuss your requirements.



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