Hello Mark
Sorry haven’t been in touch earlier – I have only just managed to fit the wheels to my bike!
They look great and have made a big difference already to my ride.
Thank you
EM 16.07.20
Just wanted to pass on my appreciation for the strength of the wheelset you built for me. I was forced off the path today in a local park and ended up having to jump down a set of stairs. I took an unexpected flight down a 5 foot vertical drop with 100kg of me, 12kg of bike and 20kg of racks, panniers and luggage. I landed front wheel first like a sack of shit and the only ill effect was that the tubeless tyre came a little loose from the rim and slowly deflated so it needed refitting and seating properly when I got home. Thoroughly impressed with the wheels, the front wheel is still completely true and shows no issues after a hell of a thump
D 01.07.20
I wanted to advise that my wheels have just arrived and look fabulous, I can’t wait to get them on to my bike! I’ll feed back a better review once I’ve had time to get out on the road with them!
Thanks for the quick build and despatch. If the riding experience is as good as your service I will be a happy man!


RS 01.07.20
 Hi Ann,

The parcel arrived thanks!

I was impressed five years ago and am equally, if not more impressed this time. They look and feel fantastic!

Cheers once again!
EC 01.07.20
Hi Mark
I would just like to say thank you to you and the team for the wheelset you built me. The tyres went on by hand, and seated with a trackpump, although the front needed sealant to maintain pressure. The Hope freehub isn’t as loud as I was expecting so it’s a win all round. There is one issue though, my face doesn’t stop aching from all the smiling I’m doing.
Once again Thank You. 
PW 27.06.20
Hello Mark and Ann,
Just wanted to say thank you for the great wheels and amazing customer service along with quick build and delivery.
They arrived as you said on the Thursday, really impressed with the packaging as well.
Love the wheels, they look great, brake well and ride even better, have put nearly 1000km on them and thoroughly impressed. Won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the future.

All the best,

HC 21.05.20
Hi Mark
Finally got round to fitting the new wheels today! Really blown away with the quality thank you. Beautifully built. 
ED 30.04.20

Hi Mark and Ann

My wife and I have 8 year old Cube hybrid bikes which naturally were showing signs of age. We were going to upgrade but, since we like the frames and it was pretty expensive, we thought it would be worth replacing the wheels to see if that improved things.

The question was, what to fit? I’m not a bike expert and got pretty confused looking at all the ads. However, I chanced across Spokesmanwheels on eBay and sent off a message asking for advice. Mark responded very promptly with some recommendations. We ordered after some deliberation and the wheels were delivered.

Result, very happy with the improved performance of the bikes and justifies the choice of keeping them. Summary, Mark was very helpful and we would have no hesitation in using Spokesman Wheels again.

(I’ve now replaced a few more components and know much more about bike maintenance courtesy of YouTube).

HS 24.04.20

Hi Mark,

The wheels arrived safe and sound.

Weight is 1413 gm. They look just perfect on my BMC and the touch of red on the nipples give it a truly custom look.

They ride great wilh just a little neighborhood spin tonight. The wider rim undoubtedly makes a difference. The 25 mm tire looks like a 27 or 28 on this rim.

Workmanship is perfect. I notice with these when spinning with no tire there is no flat spot just a perfect circular motion.
Thank you.
RF 10.5.19


Hi Mark

I don’t normally write to say thank you for things I’ve bought, but your wheel build service merits an exception. I just wanted to say how satisfied I am with the wheelset you built for me, and the patience you had in answering my questions before the build. As you know I was concerned about using carbon rim brake wheels on the sportives I planned to use them on, with multiple long fast alpine descents during the rides. They are fast, light and performed flawlessly without any issues. I would unhesitatingly recommend your wheels to anyone. Thank you so much.
RG 4.6.19
Hi Mark, some feedback on the wheels.
The 38mm rims are very light and stiff. I rode on them in gusty conditions, along routes with broken hedgerows that I’d have expected to cause issues, but the wheels were unflustered by crosswinds.
The wheels spin up very quickly and hold their speed well. I repeatedly dropped other cyclists out of corners and they said they took longer to catch up with me than usual, if at all.
The build is excellent and feels solid. The spokes are evenly tensioned and have stayed that way after the first few hundred km.
Mounting the tubeless tyres was straightforward with the help of plastic levers, no drama. It took a couple of rides and reinflations before they’d hold air but now they’re not losing any pressure between rides. This could be as much to do with the tyres but the rims work well in this respect.
Running them tubeless has transformed an already excellent bike into as close to a magic carpet speed machine as I can get. The bike even looks faster with the new wheels!
Overall I’m delighted with the wheels, the build, the service and Mark’s attention to detail.
Thanks again
GM 6.5.2019
Hi Mark
Thanks for the wheels. Arrived promptly and are perfect. Tubeless tyres fitted with ease too. Thank you for the excellent service.
CH 25.4.2019

Hi Mark,

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the wheelset you built up for me. I rode the Dirty Reiver gravel race with them at the weekend and they were fantastic. They’re running quiet and true still after a pretty rough course.  They’re much lighter than the stock wheels I had and spin up really easily.
They also work really well with Panaracer Gravelking SK 43mm set up tubeless – I got them seated without any trouble.
JT 17.4.2019

Hi Ann, Mark,

I just wanted to say many thanks for the wheels. I took them out for their first outing this weekend on the hilly Manchester-Sheffield-Manchester Sportive and they performed great. Lively acceleration, sure-footed cornering at speed and reassuring breaking on the rapid descents. No issue with flexing, so I must be a light 82kg!

I’m looking forward to taking them out time trialling and to Velo Birmingham next month.

 PR 8.4.2019

Back in January you built me a pair of Velocity Quills onto DT Swiss 240 hubs with CX Ray spokes.
Eventually I had my first ride on them yesterday evening after work and I’m  very impressed with them.
With the tyres at 70psi they roll along very smoothly and are very comfortable. No creaks or pings from the spokes bedding in. They don’t appear to flex under power and the handling down Corfe hill was, in my opinion, a great improvement, giving me more confidence in the corners. Braking was also very good.
Overall, I’m extremely happy and will recommend you if anyone asks.
AC 2.4.2019
Hello Mark
Just a quick email regarding my recent order. 
Really pleased with the new wheels and the whole process from ordering to delivery was easy and straight forward, with updates from yourselves along the way.  
Many thanks.  
LM 25.3.2019
Hi both, just wanted to say thank you for getting that spacer out to me promptly. I successfully finished the ‘Winter Boat Ride’ on Sunday, despite the wind, rain and hail. The wheels were solid and cross winds were no problem for the 38/50 rims, which was a relief. I’m looking forwards to being able to test them out in good weather and see how they hold speed.
I’ve recommended you to a friend who wants a similar set built, so he may be in touch in the next week or so.
OC 22.2.2019
Just wanted to say these wheels are superb….. I have put them in bike and hope to get out tonight…..
Such a weight difference let alone strength and style…
MT 12th December 2018

Hi Mark,

Just a quickie, rode the new wheels in the week and raced on them today. Absolutely spot on. Tubeless went up perfectly, happy days. There was a fast downhill drop off / jump on today’s cx race with an unforgiving landing and the wheels handled it perfectly ! Appreciate your great service. Happy to give reference to your business.

DL 28th October 2018

Hi Mark, 

Yes !! The wheel was back with me within 3days !! Excellent service !! 

MG 22nd October 2018

Hi Mark
Just some feedback.
Wheels arrived well packaged and well protected. They look aesthetically lovely, tyres fitted properly, all in all a quality job.
Now to the more important stuff. Fitted wheels and went riding. Very first impression, there was no “plinking and dinging” of the spokes
unstressing as I have noticed with many wheels I have had built for me over the years. Out on the road, they felt very stiff, but coupled to a lovely ride quality, to which I think the Hutchinson tubeless tyres contribute to, but never the less, lovely ride. Stiffness, I got out the saddle and sprinted for all I was worth and couldn’t detect any brake rub on the rims. Not a proper scientific test, but I have noticed brake rub on other wheels under the same circumstances!
Now 800 miles later, riding on some real rough roads, I have put a clock gauge on the wheels, still perfectly true.
So I am a VERY happy customer, real quality with attention to detail. I will be sourcing my next wheel set from you, and will most certainly recommend you to all my cycling friends.
Excellent work Mark!
SG 27th September 2018 (Italy)
Hi Ann, hi Mark !
Thank you very much for the carbon cyclocross wheelsets!
It was a pleasure to deal with you.
IK 6th September 2018 (Germany)
Hi Mark,
Thanks for the carbon wheels. They seem very good. Braking is much better than I was expecting.
NP 21st August 2018

Hi Mark,

Just back from a long weekend riding in Galloway on my new wheels and they are superb. Over 600g lighter than the wheels which came with the bike and the difference when climbing or accelerating is really noticeable. The RS4 free hub was a bit noisy for my taste at first, but I put a bit of extra grease in the mechanism and now it is almost silent – hopefully it will stay that way!

Many thanks for your swift delivery and quality workmanship. Rest assured I’ll be recommending Spokesman to my friends.

MR 21st August 2018

Hi Mark
Appreciate the advice on tyres.  Finally got the bike built and have been riding a bit.
Still fine-tuning the seat placement and things, so no long rides yet but the wheels seem to be great.
I’m using clinchers still, because I have a bit of stock to use up.
Very cool so far – I’ll recommend you to anyone else out here looking.
LR 19th August 2018 (Japan)

Hi Ann

Thank you for notifying me of the pending arrival of my new wheels, I am really looking forward to it so I can complete my new bike build.

The whole experience of buying a wheel set from you has been great from start to finish so many thanks for that.

Best wishes


EF 17th July 2018


Got the wheels safe & sound on Friday. I must say, I have been very impressed so far. They accelerate & sprint very well. Then, get them cruising above 35kph and they sing.

They want to go fast….

Bike looks great too:


1th July 2018


Just wanted to say thanks for the great service and the wheelset arrived fine, I have it set up with tubeless tyres and its great.

Thanks for all the advice, I will be recommending you.



July 7th 2018

Hi Mark/Ann 

Wheels delivered today and first impressions are extremely positive. The UPS man had them on a tether so they wouldn’t float away, they’re so light. 

Once they’re on the bike and I’ve got a nice scenic view I’ll send through some photos and more feedback (and probably another order for the other bike  

Kind regards, 


12th June 2018

Unfortunately I had to send a wheel back for repair after it was damaged (in an accident), but I’m so happy with the advice I was given, customer service and turnaround time for the rebuild. Thanks so much, amazing service. MP 5.12.17
My first impression though is that a can’t believe how much better these rims are finished compared some very expensive 3T carbon rims I bought for another bike earlier in the year… and then sent straight back they were so poor. These however – very nice!
Thanks again for keeping me updated throughout.
SE 1.12.17

Wheels arrived today. Finished article (I’ll get some better shots outside when it’s light and dry) pictures attached. Feel free to use if you like.

MW 5.12.17

Wheels arrived yesterday.they look great. Thanks for your patience while dealing with this, parental leave and insurance claim meant it took longer than I wanted.
DM 9.11.17
Got the wheels. they’re brilliant. Thank you.
Can you make a recommendation for another 2 x sets please? Again, for my older kids (twins, 12 years old). They’re light so don’t need anything hardcore. Trail centre use mainly.
RH 8.11.17

Marvellous. Thanks for the speedy service.

PH 18.10.17

The wheels are great – girlfriend very happy.

NW 28.9.17

I have now had a time to have a few runs on the Grail wheelset.
The combination of Stans Grail rims and Schwalbe Pro 1 28mm  is perfect for the rides out in the unkempt roads of Berkshire and Oxfordshire and is considerate to the older bottom. There is an appreciable improvement in down hill rolling resistance from my older bike mates still wedded to their 23 mm tyres. They will learn.
The tubeless tyres went on in seconds and was easier to fit than the clincher set up of the original bike.  No punctures at all so far.
The Hope hub is nice and noisy and upsets the trad roadies!
PB 14.10.17
The Stans Grail wheels arrived this afternoon – just finished fitting them, ready to ride in the morning.
Many thanks for you quick service – 5 days from initial contact to having them on the bike – impressive !
PC 25.8.17
Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the wheels.
They arrived on Friday (very quick turnaround); and immediately got tyres and cassette on, and onto the bike.
Quick test ride on Saturday morning proved good, so I used them for the bike leg of a middle distance triathlon on Sunday.
56 miles of less than perfect roads in the Cotswolds and they never missed a beat! No creaking or pinging noises from the spokes, the hubs span lovely, and the freewheel is nearly silent (big bonus for me, don’t like the noisy ones too much).
Overall the wheels performed fantastically and I’m so pleased with them.
Glad to have found you, and your advice and workmanship was spot on.
N W-J 14.8.17

I would like to thank you for the wheels. we are 100 miles in and they are simply superb! The quality of the build is amazing! They are one of my best cycling purchases (of which there have been many over the years.)

They have gone down very well in my local cycling club too. I’m so glad Mtb-direct recommended you to me.

I will buy another pair on the next few weeks to replace some ali/carbon cosmic wheels I have.
LT 5.7.16
The wheels have arrived and look fantastic.
The packaging looked light at first – but actually it has worked fine.
Many thanks for the build and putting up with all my questions.
ML 1.6.16
Just writing to say thanks for my new wheelset.  Yesterday I put tubeless tyres on for the first time and was amazed at how easy it was.  I used Specialized Trigger Pro 2Bliss cyclocross tyres, they went on without difficulty and ‘popped’ into place with a few strokes of a track pump.

The wheels look great on the new bike!
AW 26.1.16

Hi Mark

Thanks for the wheels – they arrived safe and sound and look great. Thank you for the great service.
GT 20.1.16
I have ridden the wheels you kindly made for me for several hundred miles. They are light, fast and comfortable. They are generating a good deal of interest amongst club riders and others. Thank you for your advice and for a cracking pair of wheels.
S 1.10.15
Mark and Ann,
Just a note to say how delighted I am with my new wheels. Now all the family want new bikes!
N 29.9.15

Hi Mark,

Back in about February you built me a wheelset for the Transcontinental 2015 Race. Archetype rims, 32 spoke, XT and SP PD-8 hubs. Now that the dust has settled I thought I’d report back to tell you that they were utterly flawless. The wheels coped with some of the worst road conditions I’ve ridden, including the Strada Dell Assietta. Still perfectly true, not a single spoke popped. Gave me great confidence. I finished in a little over 16 days.

Thanks again

S 23.8.15

hi mark.

i’ve ridden the wheels you built up for me, probably done about 500 miles on them now, including yesterdays dartmoor classic. i just wanted to say thanks.
they are exactly what i was after, and i love em.
i shod them with veloflex masters, and they roll lovely. i also run them at a much more forgiving 100psi which helps iron out our bumpy (crap) roads.
anyway, just a bit of feedback for you, thanks very much. i’ll be back when i need something else, and am recommending you to friends.
C 22.6.15

Hi Mark

Got my wheels today and was really impressed. Perfect condition and look the job. I had to put them on today and they are unbelievably light compared to my other wheels.

Took them for a short ride and so far they seem excellent with no problems. So what’s can I say, Thanks.

Thanks for the great wheels and excellent service. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Now I know where to get my wheels from if I ever need a new set.

Thanks again

A 29.4.15

Hi Mark,

Just back from Roubaix and thought I’d let you know the wheels were fantastic.  Strong and light and with 27mm Vittoria Pave tyres on, I didn’t have a single puncture (running at 90psi).

Inspected them yesterday and they are still true which was one of my reservations with the lighter spokes, but not a bit of it.

Thanks for an excellent product and build and I’ve already recommended you to a couple of mates.

Thanks & best regards

P 14.4.15

Hi Mark
Not sure if I sent any feedback.
Wheels are superb; absolutely fly; super tough and look amazing.
H 12.4.15
Hi Mark & Ann
Wheels arrived Friday – fantastic service, thank you!
Fitted them Sunday and so far only used them for commuting but they feel really good and look great too. They spin up much more easily than the stock wheels, I will certainly recommend you to my contacts, and have already posted on Bike Radar about the great service you gave.
Best wishes
S 24.3.15

Hi Mark

Alpha 400s arrived today. They look great.
The Grails are fantastic. Rode them yesterday on a club run and was very impressed.
Thanks again for your help.
D 9.2.15

Feedback from Ebay customers

Excellent communication -honest trustworthy seller – highly recommneded josh_v_123 06-Mar-13 18.13

Quality build, Super Price, Fast Delivery, Many Thanks 5******  fireblade925dog  03-Mar-13 22.08

Excellent wheels. Great seller.  st465  01-Mar-13 21.44

A++++++   goodridge32   28-Feb-13 15.46

fantastic set of wheels, excellent comms, 5* service, cant get better than that   rancidben 28-Feb-13 14.17

NICE WHEELS. GOOD SERVICE AND PRICE    paw1_123   26-Feb-13 19.41

The wheels came on Wednesday. My friend who is a bike mechanic fitted them. They look really good. Nice and light, they are 1.5kg lighter than the ones which came with his bike. My son has a team championship race on Sunday………

……… yes they won the London League youth team champs. The bike looks fab.

R.M. Kent

Thanks so much for the wheels. They arrived today and they look and feel excellent! I can’t wait to try them out. I will highly recommend your services to others and I’ll be back when I want a new set!

M.W. Farnborough

Just a quick thank you for these wheels. I have put them on my winter trainer and they are brilliant, roll really well and seem sturdy yet lightweight, they are a revelation compared to the stock wheels the bike came with.

J.K. Colchester. Kona Jake the Snake

Over a kilo off the weight of my bike. You can really feel the difference on  the climbs.

R.B. Honiton. Cannondale Jeckell Lefty 26er

Wheels arrived this afternoon, they look great. Just fitted to bike, hopefully get to go out on them soon.

Many thanks for the great service!

K.R. Sutton

The wheels have arrived and are looking very nice! Thanks for your excellent service, and I’m looking forward to giving them a test ride!

A.G. Coventry

Lighter and quicker than the original wheels. Have stayed in perfect true.

P.B. Newton Abbot Giant XTC 29er